The Basics of Creating a Screened Porch

Even if you are an outdoor enthusiast, relaxing at home on the porch still means dealing with pesky bugs. If you are ready to enjoy nature without little irritants, a screened porch is an excellent option. If you have an existing porch, turning it into a protective oasis requires a little effort.

Basic Installation Steps

The key elements of screening in the porch include the screen and trim. Below are the basic steps involved in turning those materials into an aesthetic and welcoming environment.

  • Get an accurate measurement of the entire porch, both length and width.
  • Cut the screen to fit the porch plus another inch or so in case any issues arise. Ensure that the screen is able to attach to the studs on the screened porch.
  • Start the stapling process. Ensure staples are approximately half an inch to an inch apart to minimize the number of staples used.
  • Measure, cut and paint the trim, and then attach it to the structure. Nails or screws are suitable to use depending on preferences.

Consider Calling a Professional

While the process may seem relatively easy, it does require know-how. Any many cases, it’s best to call in a professional. Not only will have the expertise, but they will also have the needed tools to get the job done quickly and accurately. If the porch is aging, the right help will also be able to make needed repairs or replacements to the structure, helping to ensure it is safe and sound. If your home doesn’t have a porch to begin with, the construction is best left to the experts.

If you love nature and spending time at home, a screened porch is an ideal addition that hits both of those marks. Although these structures aren’t as complicated as other projects, seeking the help of a professional may ensure your new outdoor space last longer.