Screened Porch – The Installation Process

If you have a backyard patio or porch area that you love to use for entertaining, you can enhance this space by transforming it into a screened porch. This big job is left to the pros if you want your porch to be installed quickly and securely. Here is the process your contractor may follow when installing your screened-in porch.

Consultation and Guidance

Installation starts with a consultation visit and some recommendations. Your contractor may come out to your location to see the area in person and take some measurements. Contractors also can learn what type of features you want in your screened porch. After checking out the space, you should get a quote for the installation process. 

The Framework

Once you have decided to move forward with the project, the installation can begin. Workers may start building the framework of your porch, with pressure-treated 2×4 wooden boards along the outline of the porch space. The workers will anchor each board into the ground of the space to frame out the room.


After everything has been framed out and secured, the contractors will then paint the wooden boards with your chosen colors. They will first use a primer to coat each part of the wooden boards and then add more coats of your color with exterior paint that can withstand the elements outdoors.

Finishing Touches

The last steps of your screened-in porch installation are adding the mesh screens throughout the room and installing the door. Your contractors may cut screened mesh to fit each section of your porch for a custom look. Then, your exterior door will be framed out and installed in the space.

A screened porch can be a great space to enjoy the warm weather and keep the bugs away. A quality contractor can install this element in your home in a few days and give you a new room in your house to enjoy.