Screened Porches




Picture it...'re sitting on your new screened porch. The warm summer breeze is coming through, you can hear birds chirping but are totally protected from bugs and direct rays. Sounds nice right?

Here are Mansfield Woodworks we can make this vision come to life. A screened porch is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space, while keeping out pests and harsh weather. You can enjoy a long summer dinner mosquito free, sit out there for morning breakfast, or simply relax with a nice book - the possibilities are endless!

While we don't do any deck building or footing work, we specialize in the custom design and construction of screened porch elements including enclosing, custom doors and other decorative elements. With a new screened porch, you can be sure to maximize the enjoyment! Check out the types of custom designs we offer below.

Multi-Seasonal Porches

With just a few very cold months each year, Tennessee is the ideal location for a three-season porch. However, this means we also have very warm summers, in which it's hard to enjoy the outdoors on a hot day. What's the perfect solution? A three-season porch of course! We enclose your current deck with screen, including adding a structured cover to protect again rain and sun rays. This allows you to fully enjoy even the warmest days.

Not sure how to get started? That's where we come in. Our team, led by founder Dave Mansfield, is able to design, craft and install all elements of your new screened porch. We use top quality lumber and other products from industry leading brands, crafting each element in our custom wood shop. Our custom built screen doors are made with Cypress wood.

Our Process

Meet with client &
show design plans.

Finalize plan
& details.

Mill all custom
wood parts.

Prime & paint all pieces.

Pick up & install custom screen doors.

Apply final primer & coat of paint.

Select & install balusters
& caps.

Install custom woodwork in the home.

... followed up by quality control & happy client.

Ready to get started?

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