Considerations For Adding a Screened Porch

A screened porch is a great way to bring the outdoors inside, but there isn’t just one option when it comes to these structures. While some people may want an outdoor oasis without bugs others may want a partial outdoor space to enjoy a big game with friends. Like with many things, porches are a way to add uniqueness to your home. No matter what type of space you are looking to add, there are a few items to consider prior to starting construction.

Proper Orientation

If your home already has a deck, then you may not have as many options. If you are starting from scratch, where the new screened porch is located makes a big difference. People who prefer morning sunshine while sipping coffee may want to build on the east side of the home while people who prefer evening relaxing outdoors may want to build on the west side.

Extra Options

Homeowners who don’t experience all four seasons know that beating the summer heat is difficult. Luckily, you can install a ceiling fan on your porch to circulate air. If you want to keep down the maintenance, installing a concrete floor lets you simply spray it down with a hose and get to enjoying the space. Tiles can also be installed on top of the concrete to add a personal flair. To help minimize bugs entering a porch built on a deck, adding cedar flooring is a good deterrent for many insects.

Cost Considerations

Imagining your new porch is an exciting time, but it also can get quite costly if you add on too many perks. Costs for upgrading an existing structure can run ut to thousands of dollars while building a new structure may cost more than $30,000. Determining a budget beforehand is essential to maximizing wants while staying with your means.

A screened porch has the potential to be your new favorite room. To get the most out of it, the above tips may make it easier to get the porch you truly want.