Benefits of Adding Windows to a Screened Porch

While there may be nothing quite enjoying a warm summer day on your screened porch, it may not be as pleasant when the cold starts settling in. One option to let you fully enjoy your space is to add windows.

Benefits of Adding Windows

The installation of windows not only offers added protection from bugs, but it also enables using the space throughout the year. Instead of having to find a place to store furniture, you can simply leave it on the porch. Even if starts to rain, you and your furniture get added protection. As technologies have evolved, it means good things for your screened porch. One major benefit is that many of the options available let you turn your space into a three-season room without having to rebuild the structure’s frame. The window options available also let you add a pleasing, curbside aesthetic to the space.

Window Options

There are now four-track windows for porches with screens. These windows are designed to almost completely open, letting you enjoy the full breeze or just let a little in on cooler days. Many of them today are built with transparent vinyl, which is durable and doesn’t break like glass. Like with other kinds of windows, you aren’t just relegated to one style. There are many options to give your space its own unique charm. The vinyl windows also come with different tints, further letting you customize your screened outdoor/indoor space. When it comes to installation, many of these windows are designed to be relatively simple to install and come in various sizes. Even though they may be user-friendly, it’s recommended to leave window installation to the professionals to ensure the work is done right and lasts.

Having a screened porch means getting to take in nature without having to leave the home. If you want to enjoy that all year long, consider installing windows.