Expenses To Expect With a Screened Porch Construction Project

There is nothing more relaxing than spending the evening watching the sun go down from a screened porch. In geographic regions when flying pests can destroy your ability to relax, having your porch screened in makes all the difference in the world. However, many homeowners worry about the financial cost of this project. There are several factors that impact the expense.

DIY Solutions

In hopes of saving some money, many people will try to DIY their porch project. Though it is possible to construct a porch on your own if you are handy and construction-savvy, there are a lot of unexpected expenses that can arise. Sourcing the material usually occurs at retail prices, accidental damage caused by inexperience is an additional expense and paying for fees or professional fixes for issues makes the project more costly.

There are some kits available to screen in your porch, and these vary in both difficulty and price. The average cost is between $40 to $60 per linear foot. The existing structure and the extensive nature of the construction will determine which kits you can select.


Professional Solutions

There is a noticeable cost difference between building a new screened porch as an addition to your house and simply modifying an existing structure. For a ground-up construction project, a professional contractor is a time-saving route, making it more cost-effective in the long run. Contractors know local building codes and restrictions, as well as the materials and design that will last the longest.

Professional contractors are also able to modify an existing structure. Most contractors will submit a bid or quote on a job, and though the rate per square foot varies greatly depending on location, you can expect a base cost to start around $30 per square foot.

Without having all of the factors to evaluate, you can’t secure an exact figure for the cost of a screened porch. However, using a licensed contractor saves time and turns out a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. These results are priceless.