Maximize Your Sunroom Space

Many homeowners dream of having a relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of the main living area to enjoy solitude. Sunrooms and screened porches have risen in popularity over the years as the solution to the need for some peace and quiet. They’re far enough away from the rest of the home to offer some quiet while also letting in plenty of natural light which can be a great mood booster. If you have a sunroom or screened porch in your home, here are some ways to maximize your space.

Add Plants

A sunroom or screened porch is the ideal place to keep plants because these rooms offer plenty of light, which is crucial to their growth. If you’ve always wanted to try out your green thumb skills, this is the ideal place to keep them.

Limit Electronics

If you want to create a relaxing space, limit the number of electronics allowed in the room. Keeping televisions, phones, and tablets in the main living area will give you a quiet space and can limit your blue light exposure.


The right decor can create a relaxing atmosphere and allow you to unwind in solitude. Find items that give off a peaceful vibe and place them around your sunroom or screened porch. This can include small tabletop fountains, throw pillows or blankets, or art that elicits joy.

Keep it Beautiful

Once you’ve determined the best use for your sunroom or screened porch, you’ll want to keep your room in beautiful condition so it lasts many years. Prevent wood rot by sealing any areas that may be at risk for water damage or adding siding to the room’s exterior. To protect your floors, install clear vinyl curtains or panels on your windows so light is filtered through and doesn’t bleach your wood.

Once you find the right use for your space, your sunroom or screened porch should provide you with years of joy.