Why You Should Expand With a Three Season Porch Over a Sunroom

Incorporating extra living space into your home is great for a variety of reasons. It allows for you and your family to stretch out your living quarters, it adds value to your home and it provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the scenery more often. However, if your choice of expanding comes down to using the space already provided in your home for a three season room or building a whole new sunroom, there are significant benefits to picking one over the other. Here is why you should expand with a three season porch instead of a sunroom, giving your family a great option for spreading out and keeping the peace in the home.

When homeowners look to add a sunroom, they don’t realize that it entails far more than simply buying building materials. City ordinances consider a sunroom to be a full extension of living space, which calls for permits and various construction codes that need to be met. It also leads to greater property taxes. All of these additional costs and the time-consuming work to handle them can make adding a sunroom a major headache. However, a three season room doesn’t require any of these extra responsibilities, as you’re only building upon space that’s already in the home. Therefore, a three season porch is the far more cost-effective option.

Meanwhile, contrary to popular opinion, three season porches can actually be energy savers, not wasters. Removable windows can be put in place and exchanged to adjust to the different seasons, getting removed during the warm months or applied back during the colder months. This keeps the temperature balanced, requiring no additional work from your HVAC system to accommodate for the difference.

If the opportunity arises, a safe bet for your budget and your family’s happiness is installing a three season porch. Easier to handle and simple to decorate, your new space can be anything you want it to be for half the time and cost.