3 Details to Remember When Building a Screen Porch

Many homeowners seek to expand their square footage. One way that you can expand your home is by converting your outdoor living space. For example, you may want to consider a screened porch. A screened-in porch provides you with the benefits of being outdoors with the comfort of your living. You should keep in mind some considerations when working with a contractor on your screen porch build.


Where you want to build your porch depends on the layout of your home. Some people choose to replace their existing porch, whereas others may want a brand new porch. When considering where you want the porch, think about the weather. If you want to enjoy the porch in the heat of the summer, you may want the porch to be located in the shade of your home during the hottest parts of the day.


One of the first questions your contractor will ask is what size you want the porch to be. You do not want to make the porch too small for your plans. For example, if you want a screened porch to fit your family and guests comfortably, then you’ll need a large space. Before you begin construction, you need to know how you plan to use the space.

You need to be able to accommodate the furnishings that you choose. You can include anything from TVs, pool tables, fireplaces and more.


How will you access the porch? Think about the flow through your house and where you do not want your guests to walk. For example, if you do not want traffic through your living room, you may want to connect the porch to the dining room or kitchen.

For future screened porch projects, discuss your style, size and furnishing preferences with your contractor. He or she can help you develop a design idea that suits your personality and your home.