3 Questions To Ask Your 4-Season Porch Construction Company

If you are considering improving the look and value of your home with a 4-season screened porch, you might have a variety of questions concerning its construction. Hiring an experienced construction crew to build your new home addition might not only give you peace of mind that the work is performed with quality standards but also gives you the opportunity to ask some important questions before the construction begins. 

1. Is a Screened-In Porch the Same as a Sunroom? 

Your construction professionals will likely walk you through the steps of adding on your new porch, which includes helping you understand its purpose. A screened porch is also called a sunroom and provides you with a cooling system in the summer while the screens keep the area free of insects. During the winter, the glass construction allows the heat of the sun to warm the room and usually includes an additional heating system and insulated walls for areas that experience especially cold winters. 

2. Which Construction Factors Are the Most Important? 

Discussing certain factors regarding the construction of your new screened porch can help you feel more comfortable about the finished product. You can ask your design and building professionals about what type of room will fit your budget, whether you have enough space to add this porch to your home and what type of design might best suit your home and its appearance. The more factors you can answer before the work begins, the fewer problems there might be during the building process. 

3. How Important Is Sun Exposure? 

It is important that your new enclosed porch gets as much exposure to the sun as possible so the windows and insulation use that natural energy to warm the room during the winter. This may mean you use the built-in heating system less often and save on your energy bills as you enjoy your sunroom during the winter months. 

Planning your new screened porch with the help of an experienced construction company can take much of the guesswork out of the process. You may want to make a list of these questions, as well as others you might have, before meeting with your building professionals.