Things To Plan For When Building a Screened Porch

Having an immediate escape from endless bugs and dizzying heat is a perfect reason to add a porch with a screen to your home. However, building one onto your property requires a well-researched and thought out plan that takes many things into consideration. Here are just a few key things to plan for when you’re hiring a professional carpenter or contractor to build a screened porch onto your homestead. 

You Need to Consider the Size

If you have a small family and rarely host visitors in your home, there’s less reason to create a large screened space as opposed to a household that frequently invites guests over. Concepts like these are important to address so you aren’t overspending on your build when it’s not necessary. Meanwhile, if you already have a porch structure that merely needs to be added to with a screen, not expanding the square footage can also save you extra cash. Brainstorm where you’d like to place any furniture or equipment first, determine how much space you’ll need to accommodate that need, and move forward on your build from there. 

You Should Check Into Proper Drainage

Your screened porch can also protect your additional living space from the elements during rainy seasons, giving you more time year-round to enjoy its benefits. However, it’s crucial that you investigate your drainage situation once you build to make sure you don’t end up with leaks or flooding issues over time.

You’ll Want to Incorporate Lighting

Once the daylight hours turn into the evening ones, you’re going to need some lighting to keep the space functional once the sun goes down. Take precautions with code requirements, and hire a professional who understands his or her way around your electrical system to ensure accuracy and safety are top priorities during the expansion.

A screened porch can add great home value and even greater ambiance to your home. If you’re looking to hire an experienced contractor for a new build, remember this advice as you begin your planning.