3 Reasons To Consider a Screened Porch or Patio

Does your home possess an unscreened patio or porch? Do you enjoy the beauty and calm of the environment but are unenthused by some of the less ideal aspects of the outdoors like mosquitos? If your immediate response to these questions was a resounding “yes,” you might want to consider having a screen installed around your porch or patio to create your own protected, enclosed piece of nature to relax in. There are many advantages associated with having a screened porch. 

1. Increases Value and Beauty of Home

It is an addition that pays off financially, adding thousands of dollars to a home’s worth. It also contributes to the structure’s overall aesthetic appeal. There is a vast assortment of colors, shapes and styles and endless combinations of these features available. You can customize yours specifically to fit your taste and enhance the exterior of your home. 

2. Provides the Good Without the Bad

One of the biggest benefits of such a renovation is that it comes with the positives of being inside your house without any of the negatives of being outside. A screened porch keeps out pesky insects, debris and animals while allowing fresh air and cool breezes in. You are able to experience the harmonious melodies and gorgeous view of the outdoors without any of its annoyances. 

3. Multipurpose Space

Such an area can serve multiple functions, depending on how it is designed. You can use it to escape from life’s stress, spend time with family, entertain guests and more. It gives you somewhere to simply chill and enjoy a glass of cool lemonade or chardonnay in peace as you are serenaded by trilling birds and chirping crickets. 

Whether you reserve it for your own personal retreat or share it with friends and loved ones, a screened porch offers many benefits. Even if you plan on moving in the future, the initial investment required to have your porch or patio screened in will be returned to you through the increased sales price you can demand for your home. Having your porch or patio screened in allows you to simply bask in nature’s pleasures without ever leaving the house.