How a Screened Porch Can Enhance Your Home

There are many things that make a house feel more like a home. Picking out the decor that best suits your style and having space to relax or entertain are two factors that lead to greater satisfaction with the place you live. Custom screened porch design can take these factors to the next level. It can add both enjoyment and value to your home life.

Extra Enjoyment
A screened porch is an extension of your home. It combines the comfort of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors. You can use this extra space as the buffer zone between your living room and your backyard. It gives you a peaceful place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee as well as extra room to entertain guests. The features you choose to include in the upgrade depend on what you want to do with the space. The customization options of screened porch design are practically endless.

Added Value
One of the reasons to upgrade your home is to add to its market value. While adding a screened in porch is not likely to accomplish this, it can add value in other ways. A useful outdoor space is a gold mine when it comes to making your home attractive to potential buyers. Adding a screened porch can make your home stick out among comparable listings. A screened porch on the front of your house can also improve your curb appeal. As soon as buyers drive up, they know that your house is special. This kind of feature can help you get your asking price and sell your home more quickly, which can save you a lot of money overall.

There are a lot of screened porch design options that can improve the attractiveness of your home and enhance your enjoyment of it. Your designer can help you choose the features that best fit what you want.