Four Perks of Adding a Screened-In Porch to Your Home

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the elements, a screened-in porch is an excellent solution. This type of home addition can be as basic or grand as you want, depending on your preferences and budget. No matter what style you choose, a well-executed screened porch design can offer a host of benefits for you and your household.

1. Improving the Value and Beauty of Your Home

When you improve your home, you’re increasing its value while making it a more enjoyable place to live. Adding a screened-in porch is a great feature for potential buyers in the future, as it can make your home stand out from the competition. Professional design companies can also help you create a space that’s beautifully styled and flows together with the rest of the house for a cohesive look.

2. Protection From Outdoor Pests

Utilizing large screen windows and doors allows you to enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about bothersome pests. For many people, this is not only convenient but also an important safety feature. By keeping unwanted pests away, you’re lowering your risks for exposure to certain disease-carrying insects.

3. Additional Space to Work, Relax and Entertain

With the right screened porch design, this space can be just like adding square footage to your home. You have options, including heating and cooling features, professional lighting and luxurious flooring. With the extra space, you can create that bonus room you’ve always wanted. Whether you want a home office, an entertainment space or a workout room, a screened-in porch can fit the bill.

4. An Outdoor Alternative During Inclement Weather

Sometimes, you just need to get outside. When the weather turns bad, you can still enjoy time outdoors while staying protected from the elements. This can be especially helpful for families with young children.

While you might think of a professional screened porch design as a luxury, this addition can actually be a practical choice. Consider investing in your home while giving your household a new way to enjoy nature together.