The Benefits of a Screened Porch

A terrace, porch, or deck are all great structures that are attached to homes and make the outdoor area more usable than it would be without the connected room. A screened porch is the favorite semi-enclosed shelter because of its heavy canvas or a metal roof that can protect you from inclement weather, yet it is versatile enough for family activities. Here are some reasons you should build a screened porch this year.


Flying bugs can ruin your party, barbeque, or stargazing faster than a sudden rainstorm. When you must fight mosquitoes, flies, or other bugs every time you go into the backyard, you can quickly lose your pleasure about participating in almost any event. When you are enjoying time with friends in the outdoors behind a screened porch, you don’t have to worry about bites from pesky bugs.


Even when the weather decides to send unexpected wind or rain, you and your friends can enjoy the afternoon or evening behind the screen of a porched room. You can even let the kids spend time sleeping out under the stars or have them play inside the safe area while you get ready for dinner.


Extending the livable area of your home will add to the value of your property’s marketability. By increasing the size of your home by 40 or more square feet, you can easily entice buyers to enjoy the outdoor extension.


One of the best things about having a screened porch if you have small children is knowing they are safe inside the beautiful room just off your home. You can leave your sliding door open to listen to the kids because you don’t have to fear they will wander.

Whether you choose a small enclosed porch or a huge outdoor area, you will be glad you chose to build a screened porch to enhance family activities. Contact a qualified contractor and begin the project today.