Options for a Screened Porch That Improve Outdoor Living

If you are one of those people that loves to spend time outdoors from the moment the weather warms enough to walk around without a coat, until the autumn winds bluster through your property, consider a screened porch. It can include a deck, a patio, or any other outdoor space that can best satisfy your requirements for comfort and style. Although a standard screen porch can be an amazing retreat, hardcore outdoor lovers can upgrade the area with these options.


Tight vinyl is stretched over a frame, and the special fabric can stretch and quickly return to its original shape. You can choose from a two or four track window system that can open wide to provide air flow for your comfort. Considered extremely light and durable, the windows are a perfect option for making the outdoor season last weeks longer.


Screened porch kit options come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from a custom built that you order according to your specialties, or you can choose a box kit as a more economical building solution. Make sure you talk to your contractor before ordering either design, because you may need something not included in the kit to make sure the project is complete. You must also choose between a metal roofing fabric or a canvas covering.


When you order a kit, make sure you know what type of side panels you want to include in your screened porch. You can opt for canvas, screen, or aluminum. There are also panels that use a hook and eye attachment method for easy installation and removal of the panels several times a year.

No matter which options you choose to add to your screen porch, you can create a room that your family can enjoy for more than three months out of the year. Check out the options listed above and see which fits into your style and budget.