Title: Top Tips for a Fun, Relaxing Screened-in Porch Any Time of Year

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy warm weather and the outdoors. A screen porch offers the benefits of a view of nature without sitting in the hot sun. The porch keeps out bugs, UV rays and rain that can ruin a perfect afternoon. These tips can keep your porch a fun extension of your home well into the fall.


The right features can make your screened-in porch a useful extension of your home. A fireplace makes the space cozy as the nights cool. Skylights add more natural light that can brighten the space and add summer warmth.


Nothing beats a glider or swing to relax after a long day. Enjoy a nap or read a favorite book while rocking back and forth taking in the beauty of nature without leaving the comfort of your home.


Choose a theme for your porch like any other area of your home. Popular choices include gardens and coastal themes. Or change it up with the transition to other seasons. Apples, pumpkins and leaves can bring the joy of fall into the room. Snowflakes, holly berries and pine boughs can bring the green of winter to the porch.


Add a fan to keep the air moving on warm days. The fan can match the décor in the room and should be able to withstand humidity. The right fan blades can stand up longer than an interior ceiling fan.


At the beginning of each season, thoroughly clean the porch to rid the area of dust, debris and unwanted pollen. The screen may keep out the bugs, but small particles like dust move easily through the screen to land on your pillows and cushions. Regular cleaning can keep the space inviting.

These tips can make your screen porch a delight to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. A getaway right in your backyard that keeps the elements out while you still get to enjoy nature.