Transform Your Porch Living with Screen Porch Windows


One of the best aspects of owning a home is the ability to sit out on the porch, enjoy the breeze, take a meal, and watch the sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately, there are many different factors that conspire to ruin your enjoyment of your porch. The weather may turn cold, the rain or snow may fall, or the insects may become a nuisance. You may want a screened porch to counteract these effects but worry that you may have to redo the framing.

However, if you already have the openings, you can obtain screen windows customized to your space and hire a contractor to install them. Converting a deck, patio or porch in this fashion offers you the following benefits.

Three-Season Comfort

What’s the point of having a porch, deck, or patio if you can only use it for a small portion of the year? Having a screened porch with customized windows allows you to open them wide for the fresh summer breezes and then close them again when the weather gets cool, allowing you to get more use out of your porch as you enjoy the changes of the seasons.

Cleanliness and Protection

An open porch is vulnerable to mosquitos and other annoying insects. Additionally, the wind blows dirt and debris onto your outdoor furniture, meaning that you need to clean it off first before you can sit down and enjoy yourself. Screen windows for your porch provide a protective barrier against these unwanted elements while still affording you access to the fresh air, sunlight, and outdoor views.

Shielding From the Sun

The rays of the sun can damage your outdoor furniture and porch surfaces. However, four-track screened porch windows come in different tints to afford your patio some protection. When desired, they open 75% of the way, an improvement over the half-opening of a traditional double-hung window.


The transparent vinyl from which screen porch windows are made is much more sturdy than glass. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to worry about windows shattering or breaking due to an accident or vandalism.