A Guide to Screened Porches


A screened porch is something that a lot of people want to add on to their homes. The truth about screened in porches is that they look stunning and can help you add more versatility to your living space. Here is what you should know about screened in porches.

What to Add

While some people choose to DIY a screened in porch, it’s important that you look into contractors who know how to take on these projects. With a contractor, you can choose fans, skylights and much more to add to your porch.

Combination vs Open

When choosing a screened porch, you have to choose whether you want an open porch or a screen porch. Now, first of all, you want to think about the home’s existing architecture. You can use your porch as an extension of your home or simply enclose part of the porch and leave part of it open to the outside. Get creative with your space.

Material Choices

Always put a lot of thought into the types of materials that you choose. The materials should be durable and resistant to rot or insects. Cedar or redwood are great choices in this instance. There are a lot of options that can fit in line with just about any budget and any style.

Screened in Porch Usage

There are a lot of different reasons to build a screened in porch. Before you build your porch, it’s important to consider how many people will use said porch. How much room will you need? Is it going to be for you and your significant other? Do you want family gatherings? The porch’s use will help you determine the shape and size of the porch itself.

If you’re considering a screened porch, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding which one is the right one. There are a lot of options that will make your porch the porch that you’ve already dreamt of having.