Adding a Screened Porch To Your Home: 3 Factors To Consider

There are many ways to enjoy your backyard during the warm weather, from cookouts to bonfires to enjoying a cup of coffee on your patio before the day begins. However, the great outdoors also presents problems in the way of stinging or annoying insects, which can ruin your backyard experience. Having a screened porch put in can offer you and your family an outdoor haven, but there are several factors you might consider before its construction.

1. Existing Space 

If you already have an existing patio attached to your home, you may want to ask your porch construction team about adding some extra features before construction professionals add the screening. Ask about new floorings, such as colored tile or hardwood, or whether they can add custom lighting or ceiling fans to match your planned decor. Today’s technology even allows for smart lighting that you can control with the touch of a phone app.

2. Size 

Your construction team will likely measure your backyard before they begin building your screened porch, but considering how much room you have to work with can help you to better envision the finished product. Imagine how the size and shape of the new porch might affect entrances and exits, windows and other nearby building features. If you have any specific designs in mind, reviewing them with your construction team may help you understand their feasibility.

3. Custom Additions 

You can turn your new porch into a showpiece by adding a variety of custom creature comforts. A built-in fireplace, hot tub or built-in furniture can give the space an added touch of fun and make it a haven of relaxation. Ask your construction team what type of wiring or electricity outlets will be necessary for the additions you choose.

A screened porch can protect you from annoying or stinging insects while you enjoy warm summer nights with your loved ones. Working with a qualified construction team can help bring your design dreams to life.