Three Benefits of a Three Season Porch

Enclosed porches that you can use in the spring, summer, and fall are often referred to as “three seasons rooms.” Adding one of these to your house can make a world of difference, and comes with several benefits. Here are three of the biggest benefits for adding a three seasons room to your home.

Adds Value

Many individuals want to make their house more valuable so they can get a bigger profit when they sell it. They may want to do this by performing expensive renovations that may require tearing down a room or destroying whole parts of the house in order to affix a new addition. However, a three seasons room can be a great way to add value to your house without having to perform any costly demolition. Moreover, it won’t cause those living in the house any inconvenience while it’s being built, because the entire thing is outside of the house.

Balances Costs

Three season rooms can help lower costs when it comes to keeping your house heated or cooled. When living in a cold area, a house can lose heat when doors are open in the winter time. By entering your house through your three seasons room, however, and closing the door behind you, you can prevent cold air from entering your house. That way, it stays warmer for longer. It may not seem like much, but these kinds of interventions can really add up on the heat bill. 

Increases Space

It can be tough to add space in the middle of a house without clearing out the basement or some other room. However, three seasons porches can be perfect for this task. Depending on the type of feel you want for the room, you can add as much or little furniture as you wish and any other necessary appliances, such as a TV or reading lamp.

Whether you want to add value to your home, keep costs down, or have more space, you might consider getting a three seasons room. Contact a contractor today and get started on the room of your dreams.