5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Screened Porch


Homeowners build screened porches for many reasons. Some want to enjoy a nighttime drink in the evening but want it to be bug free. Others choose to make an area where their toddlers can safely play. But all homeowners admit a screened-in porch can add living space, pleasure, and comfort to their homes. To create a space you can fully enjoy for years to come; here are five mistakes you will want to avoid when designing your screened porch.


Be aware of the hot afternoon sun before building a porch that may become unusable for long hours of the day. The same is true of neighbors. If you want privacy, or to cool the area from the blistering sun, add shutters, blinds, or shades to your design.


Make the enclosed area as large as you can afford because the extra space may become important as your family grows or during family gatherings. The extra space can also allow you to add built-ins, extra seating, and even a wet bar.


Talk with your contractor about low maintenance materials when designing your screened porch. Also seek advice about roof pitch, flashing, and screen coverings to prevent possible water damage which can harm the outdoor area.


Know how access to your porch will work with the traffic flow in your home. Will the entry be off the kitchen, from the dining area, or an existing patio door? How will guests move from the porch to use the facilities? Pass-through access is an important consideration in your design.


You can include flat screens, second kitchens, home theatres, or even a running water features inside your screened-in porch area. If you add them during the design phase, you can save yourself a lot of money for installation and labor costs.

Taking time to answer the five design concerns above can help you create a screened porch area your family can enjoy for years to come. Your contractor can help you with any concerns you may have, so why not begin the project today!